Commercial Locksmith Services

We have the right combination of knowledge, skills and experience to meet your organisation’s needs for commercial locksmith services.

Our highly skilled licensed locksmith professionals and our investment in state-of-the-art technology and equipment allow us to meet almost any imaginable commercial lock, key, door and specialty service requirement.

  • High-security deadbolts, locks and
    key control systems
  • Lock repair, rekeying and replacement
  • Master Key Systems
  • Key duplication and replacement
  • Key extraction
  • Door lever locks
  • Door guards

Restricted Key Systems are designed to prevent unauthorised duplication of keys to be made. Created for added security, our Restricted Key System locks utilise a key that is controlled by a single Locksmith so you can be rest assured that Abetta Mobile Lockmsith is the only Locksmith with access to your System.

How Restricted Keyways Work:
1. When you register for a restricted key system, we will have you fill out an authorisation form. Only those listed on this form will be allowed to get additional keys.

2. Once the form has been filled out, we will assign you your own personal and unique system number; this system number is unique to your key system and will never be duplicated.

3. Using special cylinders that only our keyway fits, we will pin the locks to your special restricted key that can only be cut by Abetta Mobile Locksmith. These cylinders can also be set up on a master key system if you need it.

4. If you need to order additional keys at any point after the locks have been keyed, you send us a key request, we cut the keys from our records, log the new keys, and call you to come pick them up. Once in the shop we will check your ID to verify and you will be good to go.

  • If someone tries to take it to another locksmith or key-cutter, they will send the person to Abetta Mobile Locksmith.
  • If someone comes to us to get the key made, we ask for ID to make sure that they are on the authorisation list.
  • If all checks out, we will make the keys; if not, we will kindly let the person know that an authorised person must order the keys.